Guiding Advocacy Principles

  1. The Wisconsin Coalition Against Homelessness believes that housing is a basic human right, and that those experiencing homelessness are entitled to exercise all other basic human rights. Therefore we oppose legislation, ordinances, policies or practices that discriminate against a person’s ability to secure safe, decent housing, including policies that criminalize homelessness or turn people away from services in times of crisis. The Coalition also supports measures to promote equal education and voting rights for people experiencing homelessness.
  1. A variety of housing and supportive services are needed to address homelessness and appropriations and tax expenditures used to subsidize housing should be targeted to those with the greatest need. The Wisconsin Coalition Against Homelessness works with service providers, housing developers, municipalities, counties and other entities to develop and maintain safe, decent, accessible housing that is affordable to low and very low-income Wisconsin residents.
  1. Because homelessness cannot be separated from poverty, government must take an active role in ensuring everyone has sufficient income to afford housing and basic needs such as food and health care. For those individuals who have severe mental or physical disabilities, government has a moral obligation to do its best to provide an adequate safety net for those unable to advocate for services on their own. This includes maintaining a livable minimum wage as well as providing resources and supports for those who cannot obtain or retain employment, and creating meaningful avenues to attain self-sufficiency through education, training and employment resources.
  1. A balanced approach of outreach, intervention and prevention is required to reduce or eliminate homelessness. This will require broad systemic change. We actively invite and encourage all with the ability to prevent or mitigate homelessness to do so by participating in efforts to initiate in systematic change. Housing must be an integral part of all human service and workforce development strategies.
  1. The Wisconsin Coalition Against Homelessness supports access to affordable, quality, comprehensive health care including mental health care. The intersection of poor health and homelessness is irrefutable. Untreated disease and disability contribute to homelessness and present barriers that exacerbate the severity of impact on a homeless individual.
  1. The Wisconsin Coalition Against Homelessness strives to understand the complex obstacles to housing and promote and improve service delivery capacity, quality, and outcomes in partnership with funders.

Wisconsin Coalition Against Homelessness

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